After pursuing a career as an educator and experimenting over the years with ceramics, painting and drawing, I focused on glass and the kiln forming process. Each piece begins with a palate consisting of hundreds of hand cut, colored strips of compatible glass formed and manipulated into frames and dams. As many as four firings and various cold working techniques involving wet grinding, sawing, wet belt sanding, and sandblasting complete the process, culminating in my original vision and design along with time to visit the beaches and woods with my golden retriever, Tucker.

My home and glass studio at The Sea Ranch, California provide a perfect setting for my work as a glass fuser and kiln former. Much of the influence in my work is derived from the changing light, color and form found in the incredible sea, sky, landscape, and architecture that is The Sea Ranch. I am inclined to follow a decidedly geometric, modernist approach, abstracting sketches of my surroundings into kiln glass. I’ve also been influenced by a number of extraordinary glass artists, including Michael Dupille, who provided a firm foundation upon which to build new techniques along with the confidence to experiment. Klaus Moje, a major force in the international studio glass movement for over five decades, moves me (from afar as I have not had the pleasure to meet him) into pushing my expressive and technical limits.

During the last 15 years, working with glass has been a progression with each new series leading to another process making a seemingly unyielding medium open up to endless possibilities.

Carol Bogovich

artist statement